Optionally, you can choose two lighting systems for your hood, completely isolated from the rest of the hood and built-in it.

Fluorescent Light:

A system designed by our technicians. It offers a great light with a high level of security, thus complying with current regulations.

These screens are completely waterproof and offer a great resistance to high temperatures due to their isolation and the incorporation of a tempered glass.

Aesthetically, the line keeps the hood, because the screen is built-in it.

Its maintenance is easy, since it is detachable and easy to clean.

Portholes lights:

This lighting system is more oriented to domestic hoods, as they use a halogen light bulbs, which offers a not wide range of light, but looks good aesthetically.

The portholes lights are built-in the hood, incorporating a frame, and its maintenance is very easy to perform, since they are removable and easy to clean.